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Aro Floor lamp p-3548

Aro Floor lamp p-3548

by Estiluz


Metallic floor lamp with a a circular, adjustable head and acrylic diffuser. The head slides through the stem. It can be moved up and down the stem, rotated and even removed and positioned into another unit. Transparent acrylic clip to hold the cable to the body. Remote driver. Touch dimmer in the head.


Designer: Jordi Blasi



LED 10W 
(2700ºK / Ang. 116º / >80 CRI / 700mA ) Universal Voltage / Typ* 1437 lumens / Sensor Dimmer


Finishes / Colors: 

Finish Body
  74 WH M

Finish Head
  56 BLK M


Lead Time: 4-6 weeks

Free shipping on orders over £100.00

VAT Included
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