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Humour Portraits

Humour Portraits

from Mineheart


Angela Rossi in collaboration with Mineheart


Angela Rossi always carefully matches each animal personality with its clothing to create a striking but lovable character and here brings us Dame Giralda the most exotic giraffe dressed in her finery looking down imperiously from her perch high on the wall. For maximum effect, team Dame Giralda with some of the other Angela Rossi portraits to create a wall of curious ancestors. 


Printed Frame dimension:

H813mm x W660mm x D40mm


Real Wooden Frame dimensions:

H750mm x W650mm


Bespoke sized real frames also available per request. Please enquire.


Lead Time: 1 Week for Printed Frame. 2-3 Weeks for Real Wooden Frame


**for any urgent orders, please call or email to check stock availability.


PriceFrom £183.00
VAT Included
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