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by Houtique



Hi, this is me, Jimi.

I love flowers, hand written letters and huge rounded hats.


Apart from being an expert in solving dramas, I can also create my own vital paradise by watching the world through an exquisite perspective; through my big rounded eyes covered in a velvety mask to see/hear/feel/touch the world in a singular, delicious and delicate way. I will show it every time you sit on me


Technical characteristics:


- Three-seat sofa 

- Upholstery Velvet 100% polyester with backing. 345 gr / m ^ 2. 45000 Martindale cycles

- 40 kg fireproof rubber 

- Pinewood carcass

- Metal structure with painted with Powder Coated


Dimensions: 180 x 78 x 112 cm


Lead time:

In stock

VAT Included
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