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by Houtique

Mambo doesn’t need a dance floor, Mambo dances everywhere and comes with new rules: you don’t have to get up to dance, now you have to sit down. Let yourself fall on its soft velvet and let the mambo begin. Do you accept the dance?


Technical characteristics:


Metal Base bathed in 24 carats gold // bright chrome (marking to model).


Solid Pinewood and fiber frame.

Laminated board seat.


Beech Wood board backrest with high frequency curved.


Wadding coating of 150 g/m^2

External and internal structure covered with hard foam of 20 kg


Upholstery Velvet 100% polyester with backing. 345 gr/m^2. 45000 Mar-tindale cycles.

Bottom part with fringe of 17 cm.


Lead time:

In stock

VAT Included
Base Color
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