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Oceania Wallpaper

Oceania Wallpaper

by Mind the Gap


A stunning design on a black background, illustrating the underwater world which will take you into the fabulous world of submarine life where millions of creatures lives.

Magnificent imagery was selected to create one of the most amazing wallpaper collections. Ancient symbols, vintage patents and drawings, famous mathematical formulas or iconical photography are the ingredients of the first MINDTHEGAP collection of wallpapers. Our collection is suitable for any interior type, especially for those the vintage reinvented or the well known Eclectic design style.



Collection: ATOLL
Size: 3 rolls x 52x300 cm / 20.5x118.1 in
Roll width: 0.52m / 20.5in
Roll length: 3m / 118in
Surface size: 4.65mp
Packing: 3-rolls in a box
Design report: 52cm / 20.5in
Colour: Black, Blue, Green, Red


Lead time: 10 working days

Sample: £1.5 


VAT Included
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