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Season Sofa

Season Sofa

by Cierre

2018 - Design Stefano Conficconi

Season is the new system that offers an endless combination of uses. modern
and extremely elegant, it is the absolute protagonist of the living room thanks to its inimitable traits
and well-de ned shapes.


its geometry allows for many unique combinations letting our imagination
run wild. its look is enhanced by a at-fell, pinched seam, a very stylish detail that is never out of place.


The  modular sofa with wooden seat structure and elastic belts, covered with 3 den- sity polyurethane foam and a layer of Memory foam. A mechanized version is also available, which allows to increase the depth of the seat. The backrest and the armrests are in wood covered with polyurethane foam and hypoallergenic goose down. The feet are in black painted wood.


Personalize your sofa with a wide selection of top quality leathers.

Contact us for finishes and colors to match.


VAT Included
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