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Soft Jacquard Linen Throw

Soft Jacquard Linen Throw

by The Linen Works

We adore linen for its variations, not in spite of them. Its quirks, its seeming imperfections, are simply a reminder of linen’s unique look and feel. Our Soft Jacquard Linen Throw has a distinctive, three thread weave that any linen admirer will admire. Delicately woven by hand in Belgium, the unusual loose weave entwines three, different-coloured threads to create subtle tones of muted colour. This pre-washed linen throw adds texture and softness when laid upon a bed or seat and has a timeless appearance every new linen admirer will appreciate.


Size140 x 230cm


Material: 100% pure pre-washed European linen


Colours: Available in 3 colorways



  • Machine wash on gentle cycle
  • Do not tumble dry


VAT Included
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