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Table Radial Pro

Table Radial Pro



Biologically effective light on your desk supports concentrated, effective work – in the office or at home.


3 versions: with lamp base; with clamp;with pin


Colours: 3 colours available



aluminium, zinc, steel (lamp base), acrylic&glass


Weight: 5kg (with lamp base) or 2kg


Light intensity setting

freely adjustable up to 1,000 lux


Light colour setting

freely adjustable between 2,700 and 6,500 kelvin


Touch panel: capacitive touch interface made of acrylic glass


USB charging ports: 2 ports


boost function ON/OFF: 

for max cold white lighting at 1,000 lux


Energy efficiency: A++


Lead time:  in stock or 4-6 weeks


VAT Included
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