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Venice Wardrobe - EmmeBi

Venice Wardrobe - EmmeBi

About EmmeBi


Research, quality and functionality: these the values of EmmeBi in nearly 50 years of history.


The company is led by two women, two sisters, Loretta and Ivana, who following their father's steps, Angelo Borgonovo, the founder of EmmeBi, are producing year by year new pieces of furniture.


EmmeBi expresses excellence, attention to details, materials and shapes with the core objective of guaranteeing the quality of timeless products.  



Design: Pietro Arosio

Venice renovates the idea of walk-in closet to offer the possibility to live in an unique, surprising, elegant atmosphere. The closed units alternate to display windows which can be realized in different dimensions and finishes,  they alternate to the doors according to the client’s desire, recreating  the luxury and the exclusiveness, which only the exceptional care for details and the selection of precious materials can assure :  the warmth of the eucalyptus wood combines with the preciousness of the gold finish,  the softness of microfiber enhances the hard leather details…the idea of exclusivity allows to combine further finishes to create each time a unique solution.


External finish: eucalyptus wood, black walnut, mat lacquered in our selected colours. 
Internal finish: mat lacquered in our selected colours.


VAT Included
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