About Us

Who we are

We are a unique design consultancy based in London. We’re the people that help you find the missing piece(s) to complete your dream space. We provide a selection of hand made furnishings, original pieces of art and lighting from all areas of the world.


We’ve joined forces with architects and designers to personally curate all collections, ensuring we get the material, furnishings, floor layout planning, logistics, and delivery just right. 


We want our customers to have a personal experience – so our young design experts are on hand to step in whenever you need them. Whether it’s at the beginning of the design process, or at the very end. They’ll provide bespoke interior solutions, help you pick the right piece of art and navigate you around our collection of unique international furniture and lighting brands.

What we do

1. Interior design & bespoke styling 

Unforgettable design requires an artistic eye. That’s why we’ve collated the very best in the industry to curate spaces that not only look good but feel good too. They go above and beyond to help you figure out your vision, and bring it to life.


2. Art consultancy 

No matter your situation, you can come to us with a brief, vision or idea and our experts will talk you through it all – from picking a work of art, to finding the perfect place for it.

3. Bespoke furnishing and design 

We like to go the extra mile to make your space as unique and personalised as possible. We can connect our clients and partners with our brands and manufacturers, to discover international designs by emerging and established artists. 

Have a design in mind? We can draw it up, work on the details and bring the visuals to life.

With 50+ brands on board (the list grows everyday), we have a wide network that can do just about anything. Our team of experts will provide you with a rapid quotation and ensure you don’t have to lift a finger until post-delivery.


In some cases, with the supplier's full support – we can arrange for clients to see the latest collections for themselves at different company showrooms.

Why choose us?

Well, because we’re reliable, flexible & speedy.


We’re a team of creative problem solvers. 


D+HOME exists to support you throughout the process of designing your space. We guarantee that we’ll help you discover your style. Whether you’re an experienced art collector, first-time buyer or design fanatic, we’re on hand to provide rapid bespoke solutions.  

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