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MISTRAL Book Shelf

MISTRAL Book Shelf


Bookcase shelf available in the wall version (LB30, LB31, LB32) and bifacial version (LB46B). It is suitable for combine infinitive combinations both in length and height.



The structure can be in Sycomoro dark frisè (LB46B), or in black Walnut chocolate dyed (LB32/F107).

The original metal part is the supporting element for the realisation of the bookcase and it is available in shining chrome finish (ME101) or in satin bronze finish (ME03).

The composition can be also equipped with a container box (EL27 and EL28/bifacial) in the lacquered metallic grey finishing (F213) and in lacquered metallic slate (F215).


Dimensions: cm 260x45x191,5


Lead time:  6-8 weeks


VAT Included
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